Kitchen and Pantry Makeover: Creating Harmony in a Busy Pittsburgh Home

Friday, January 19, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Stephanie Pace

In the Pittsburgh suburb of Renfrew, Stephanie Pace, NEAT Method Pittsburgh owner and home organizer, took on a project in a large 10,000 square-foot home. The main task was to reorganize a recently remodeled kitchen and pantry for a family of five, busy with sports, activities, and frequent family outings. With two dogs adding to the hustle and bustle, the family's primary hurdle was managing a kitchen space that catered to a wide age range of children.

Tackling the Challenge: Zone-Based Organization for a Dynamic Family

The family's main concern was creating a kitchen and pantry that could support their active lifestyle. Stephanie's strategy focused on establishing distinct zones within these spaces. She aimed to clearly label everything, ensuring that snacks, food, and essential items like water bottles were easily accessible in the pantry and cabinets. This approach was designed to keep the main kitchen area free from clutter, a necessity in a home always on the go.

Overcoming Unique Obstacles: Customizing Solutions for a Remodeled Space

The home's recent remodel presented Stephanie and her team with a challenge. Because the pantry shelves were no longer standard depth, the team set out to source products in the most ideal dimensions. The solution involved experimenting with various styles of bins and rearranging shelves to optimize the space. Adjustments were made to reduce wasted space and bring higher shelves down to more accessible heights.

Client's Favorite: Accessibility and Visibility

The clients were impressed with the NEAT products implemented in the pantry. The baskets and canisters made everything visible and easily accessible, especially for the children. Snacks and grab-and-go items were now conveniently within reach for the kids to help themselves en route to school or activities. The addition of a turntable in the pantry was a standout feature, making it easier to locate items without having to move everything around.

The Key to Functionality: Intentional Labeling

The most significant impact on the function of the space came from meticulous labeling. Living in a rural area, the family relied heavily on grocery and Amazon deliveries, necessitating an organized system for backstock products. Magnetic Label Holders ensured everything was easy to find and replenish, which streamlined the process for the entire family.

A Tailored Space for a Vibrant Family Life

In just 7 hours, Stephanie Pace and her team transformed the kitchen and pantry into zones of efficiency and clarity, perfectly suited to the family's lifestyle. This project in Renfrew, Pittsburgh, stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful organization in harmonizing the demands of a busy household.

Stephanie Sterritt Photography beautifully captured the transformation of this kitchen, showcasing how a well-organized space can bring calm and efficiency to even the busiest of homes.


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