Wednesday 07.12.17

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Closet Refresh

After being in thousands of closets we have come to realize that most closets need to press the reset button on the same classic items. Lucky for you, one of the biggest sales of the year, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here, and it is the perfect excuse to stock up on your favorite staples at a great price!

Early Access for The Nordstrom Anniversary sale began today, and we could not be more excited. Early Access is resereved for Nordstrom debit and credit card holders, and runs through July 20th. On July 21st the sale opens up to the public, and anyone can shop the new Fall goodies that Nordstrom has marked down.

Check out our round-up of must-have pieces for your closet refresh. 

1. Nike Running Shoes 2. Rag & Bone Booties 3. Vince Slip-ons 4. Good Man Low Tops 5. Lush Tee 6. Cashmere Pullover 7. Poplin Blouse 8. Bow Blouse 9. Leather Pants 10. Faux Leather Pants 11. Hudson Black Jeans 12. Rag & Bone High Waisted Jeans 13. PJ Salvage Chemise 14. Hanky Panky Low-Rise Thong 15. Moonlight Pajamas 16. PJ Salvage Pajamas

:: Shoes ::

Say goodbye to your old sneakers, and update with this super cute, classic slip-on pair from Vince! Gents, We have you covered in the sneaker category too with this pair of low tops from Good Man

For all you girls on-the-go it might be time to replace your running shoes with Nike's Run Distance 2 model

Too often we see the heels of shoes that have done too much walking. The Rag & Bone Margot Bootie will be the perfect upgrade to replace your go-to bootie from last year!



:: Tops ::

Everyone has a white blouse that has somehow now turned "off-white." This cute bow-kneck top is the perfect way to re-invest in a crisp, white top. You're T-shirt collection is probably also ready for a little purge and re-stock. You can't go wrong with this classic tee on sale

While a classic white blouse and a go-to tee are wardrobe necessities, it is also important to have something fun and trendy to liven up your outfit! Last year's biggest trend was the peplum, but let us introduce you to this year's update, the poplin

While, we know it is still reaching 100 degrees+ where many of you live right now, don't pass up the chance to invest in some great cashmere during the sale. This pullover is perfect to wear on it's own, or layered with a button down! 



:: Pants :: 

A sleek pair of leather pants are the perfect multi-purpose piece for your closet. From the office to the a night out they can be paired with flats, heels, sweaters or a flirty top! 

Make sure to also take an inventory of your denim collection when updating your closet essentials. A pair of skinny, high waisted jeans are always a must-have. Also, don't forget to see if your black jeans have faded. If you need a new, true black try this pair from Hudson




:: Delicates ::

We don't really want to go here, but we need to. Your underwear can always use a us. Hanky Panky makes the best undewear, and rarely ever are on sale. Snag these up while you can! 

Lastly, don't forget about your pajamas. All too often pjs can be pushed to the bottom dresser drawer forgotten about. Invest in a few great pieces like this chemise from PJ salvage-- you'll be wearing them for years! 




Let us know what pieces you are always refreshing in your spaces, and happy shopping


The Neat Girls

Tuesday 09.06.16

Fall Fashion Week Prep :: The Fastest Way to Make Room In Your Closet

This week we will be kicking off one of our favorite times of the year - Fashion Week! As you may remember, we used to love to relate fashion to organizing any way we could! This year, our friends over at The Real Real are making it that much easier for us. Let's start with the basics - have you heard of The Real Real? We have been working with them to consign our client's clothing and jewlery for years and you should know them too!  

If you are trying to make room in your wardrobe for the latest trends this season, consider consigning pieces that you no longer wear. You will add room to your closet and money in your wallet. The Real Real makes it quite simple (especially for friends of NEAT!) Collect the pieces you are interested in consigning and give our friend, Kiara a call (see contact information below).  

Once your items have been sold, you will receive a check in the mail. Feel free to use it towards this season's must have piece. OR, check out a timeless classic that someone else was ready to part ways with on The Real Real's site.

Still not sure? The Real Real is offering all NEAT readers a $100 gift card to when you consign 10 pieces for the first time. Do you know how easy it is to consign 10 pieces?! Now stop procrastinating and get to it!


the NEAT girls + TRR

Thursday 03.03.16

Curating Your Custom Closet

Our Scottsdale girl, Mika Perry has much to share on organizing your Master Closet! Not only is she one of the best organizers out there, but she's also known for her amazingly perfected closets. Join her here as she walks you through the process of how BEST to organize this space. 

Curating Your Custom Closet - by Mika Perry

A well-designed, functional and attractive closet is the perfect way to turn a bland, utilitarian space into a pleasant retreat ideal for "shopping" your own wardrobe. By drawing inspiration from today's trends in colors, textures, and furnishings, these NEAT-ly inspired ideas will re-frame the way you see your master closet and ensure that it remains your sanctuary.

closet design, closet inspiration, organized closets, beautiful closets, mika perry, scottsdale design, scottsdale homes

Decorative Design :: A classic design never goes out of style. From the cool, modern look of pure white and grey-toned wood (especially against a darkly painted colored wall) to the glamour of ebony and walnut, each finish offers its own unique beauty that compliments your individual style. 

Gold and Bold :: Accessorize with the latest in accents and coordinating accessories. Brass is back, and in a big way. From drawer pulls and knobs to lighting fixtures, this classic metal is sure to make a statement. 

Employ Smart Storage :: A functional closet system that’s designed specifically for your needs will make getting ready in the morning and ending your day much more enjoyable. The NEAT team has worked with numerous clients helping them as they initiate the design process. By identifying what you have and knowing the right questions to ask your closet designer, you can create an ideal closet design while truly maximizing the square footage.

Leverage Lighting ::  Adding a brilliant light fixture to your closet – a stunning ceiling chandelier or a smartly placed midcentury-modern task lamp – illuminates an inviting space.

Artful Accessories :: Closet accessories are an essential part in everything we organize, and carefully integrating them into your closet will allow the space function at its highest capacity. From pullout valet rods and full length mirrors, lucite drawer inserts to glass-tops for center islands with pullout drawers, these carefully curated accessories create easy access and proudly display your most prized possessions.


Mika (and the NEAT girls)



Tuesday 02.23.16

Transformation Tuesday :: A Closet You Must See (and get the details) to Believe

Happy Tuesday NEAT friends! We are doing another segment of #transformationtuesday on the blog today with a closet that had a pretty impressive "space lift." Our NEAT girl, Julia in Columbus had her work cut out for her, but we certaintly felt like it paid off! We asked her a few questions to get the details on the space::

Julia Purdy, Before and after, columbus, closet, walk in closet, dream closet, dream home, home design, home style, professional organizer, best professional organizer, top professional organizer, home organization, DIY, clothes addict, jewelry drawer, acrylic organizer, space saving hangers,
NM:: Can you tell us how long it took you to complete this impressive space? 
JP:: 10 hours with 2 organizers
NM:: What was the situation at the client's home? Just moved? Wanted a change?
JP:: This client is a young female business owner and she is typically very organized in her business and personal life. However, she just couldn't get a handle on her closet. She is a bit of a “fashionista” (her wedding was featured in the New York Times!) and she was having trouble managing her vast wardrobe. She wanted to have everything organized and easily accessible without giving up a lot of her pieces. 
Julia Purdy, Before and after, columbus, closet, walk in closet, dream closet, dream home, home design, home style, professional organizer, best professional organizer, top professional organizer, home organization, DIY, clothes addict, jewelry drawer, acrylic organizer, space saving hangers,
NM::What do you think was the change you made that had the biggest overall improvement?
JP:: By giving everything a space, the client is now able to put items away easily so they don't collect on the bathtub or floor. The acrylic jewelry organizers are always a great addition to keep each item visible and untangled. 
NM:: How much you spent on product to transform the space?  
JP:: This was a bit pricey – all of the acrylic organizers certainly add up! The total price was $1000.
Julia Purdy, Before and after, columbus, closet, walk in closet, dream closet, dream home, home design, home style, professional organizer, best professional organizer, top professional organizer, home organization, DIY, clothes addict, jewelry drawer, acrylic organizer, space saving hangers,

NM:: So we have to know... did she have anything to say about the space?

JP:: Oh yes! Here is what she wanted the NEAT readers to know... 

“Neat Method literally changed the way I live. I’ve been trying to get organized for years and after so many quick tries, it was never a permanent fix. Neat Method creates a method that makes it nearly impossible not to stick with. Everything has it’s place. Julia was so easy to work with. She completely took over and was confident about her purchases and the method that would work for me. I never felt the need to be on top of her or give her direction. She completely transformed my closet in two days and I’ll never ever go back to the way it was. It saves my so much time and eases my mind. I’m so happy with Neat Method and plan to use them for as long as they’ll have me!” – Kristin DeJohn Co-Owner of The Blowout Bar.

Julia Purdy, Before and after, columbus, closet, walk in closet, dream closet, dream home, home design, home style, professional organizer, best professional organizer, top professional organizer, home organization, DIY, clothes addict, jewelry drawer, acrylic organizer, space saving hangers,

Nothing beats a happy client! Have a space we need to see for #transformationtuesday? Share it with us on Instagram!


the NEAT girls

Tuesday 02.09.16

Transformation Tuesday :: Get the Details on this Amazing Before & After Home Office

Happy "Transformation Tuesday"! In honor of loving your home, we decided to share with you some of our recent favorite before and afters of spaces we have completed. This particular office was completed by Mika, our NEAT girl from Scottsdale. She came in and gave it her magic touch! Find out the details (from Mika herself!) about the transformation below::

NM:: Can you tell me how long it took you to complete the space?
MP:: One day w/ 3 organizers (there was also a pantry area, bookshelf, desk, and filing that we did) 
NM:: What was the situation at the client's home?
MP:: They had lived in there for a while and were starting to remodel and revaamp their spaces. Both husband and wife are successful and busy business owners with a little boy, so this home office ended up being a "catch all" for all their items they didn't have a system for putting away and didn't have the time to deal with. 
NM::What is the purpose of this closet? What do they use it for?
MP:: It's the reach in closet of a home office. They will be remodeling this room in the future, so we didn't want to make any long-term investments into to the space but rather work with what we had and sort through and eliminate the clutter and maximize the current space and functionality. 
NM:: What did the client have to say about the space?
MP:: She sent us a thank you card and it said the following:: "Mika, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful job you did. Your professionalism and great attention to detail is amazing! Thank you, Ericka."
NM::What do you think was the change you made that had the biggest overall improvement?
MP::Visualizing the space not only as a storage space for typical home office items like chargers and photo albums but also as a fun craft area. The client is a master at hosting showers and parties for her big family and large circle of friends, so we wanted to make it a more inspiring place for craft, party supplies, and gift wrapping. We also made it a dual-user space for the husband, who needed to store equipment in the space as well. We think we meshed all the the needs pretty well! 
NM:: Okay people are going to want to know...How much you spent on product to transform the space?
MP:: $448.48 (included in that price but not pictured are filing, a desk, bookshelf and pantry)
NM:: Is there anything else that our readers should know about this fun project?
MP:: The client did this as a surprise for her husband while they were out of town!!!  
It sounds like the client certainly fell in love with the space again! This month, we hope you find inspiration from this transformation and make a change in your home!
the NEAT girls
Tuesday 01.19.16

3 Tips from Stylist Alyssa Doorhy

Since the NEAT girls spend a lot of time in beautiful closets we are constantly color-coding the latest and greatest fashion pieces. However, that certainly does NOT mean we are fashion experts. In fact, we would never offer fashion advice instead we refer anyone who asks to one of our Stylist friends. We love working with them, and learning from them too!

Today we are interviewing one of favorite Chicago stylists, Alyssa from Cochic Styling, to bring you tips to enhance your wardrobe in 2016!

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Stylist

NM :: Tell us a little about yourself - where are you from? How long have you lived there?

Alyssa :: I am from Batavia, IL, a western suburb of Chicago. After graduating college in 2008, I moved to Chicago and have lived here ever since. I met my husband here, who is also from a Chicago suburb, so I don't think we'll ever leave. Good thing I love it! ;)

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Personal Shopper

NM :: We certainly share your love for Chicago. What is your background, how did you get into styling?

Alyssa :: I owned a women's boutique for four years and really enjoyed styling clients who came into the boutique. I love the fashion industry but decided retail wasn't for me. Personal styling was the best next step for me in my career.

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Stylist

NM :: That’s awesome! Do you have any particular areas that you specialize in?

Alyssa :: There is a common misconception that only rich people and celebrities have stylists, but I work with any budget to help style the "everyday" woman who wants to be more comfortable and confident in what she's wearing. I also specialize in wedding styling, styling everyone's wardrobe from the bridal party, to the mother of the bride to the bride's favorite aunt.

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Bridal Stylist

NM :: If someone is looking to do 3 things to step up their style in 2016 what advice would you give them? Do you have any ‘must have pieces’ that believe all closets should have?

Alyssa :: 1. Do yourself a favor and clean out your closet! I always recommend doing a closet clean out before a personal styling session because once you refine your closet, getting rid of items that you don't wear anymore, you will have a clearer view of what your personal style is, and then you can shop accordingly.

2. Hire a personal stylist! Even if you have good style, it's always helpful to get a professional opinion. You can learn new ways to put outfits together and try outfits you may not have thought to try.

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Stylist

3. Don't give into new trends if they don't fit in with your lifestyle, personal style or age. If you are comfortable wearing trends, go for it! If not, go for classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Must-have pieces vary based on a woman's lifestyle but I'd say some important basics are: well-fitting dark wash jeans in whatever style flatters your body; a crisp white button down shirt; well-fitting undergarments; black ankle boots; and a little black dress. "Well-fitting" is the key term. The least expensive garment will look like a million bucks if it fits perfectly.

CoChic Styling Logo, Alyssa Doorhy, Chicago Stylist

NM :: Thanks for the advice, now let’s talk CoChic Styling + NEAT! We’ve heard you worked with Brooke. What have you done together?

Alyssa :: Yes! Brooke was so fun to work with. I styled her engagement photos! I brought her several items to choose from, and we chose what outfits she was most comfortable in, what was most flattering and what would look best in photos.

Brooke Ruder, Andrew Nieman, CoChic Styling, Chicago Stylist, Engagement Shoot


Brooke Ruder, Andrew Nieman, CoChic Styling, Chicago Stylist, Engagement Shoot



Brooke Ruder, Andrew Nieman, CoChic Styling, Chicago Stylist, Engagement Shoot

Photo Credit :: Vrai, Kristina Carter

Well this has been great Alyssa. Thanks so much for giving us a glimpse into a Stylist's life! We sure think CoChic is pretty NEAT. 

the NEAT girls


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