Tip Tuesday:: Potty Talk

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We promise we will keep it clean! Just wanting to give some bathroom storage ideas to make your get-ready routine stress-free.

First of all, we always get our clients under the sink storage bins like these. Not only do they keep your products orderly, but they will keep you from "hoarding" too many products (you know what we're talking about). Amazon also has these for sale at a discount!

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The Simple Human Shower Caddy is also a life changer. No more overcrowded bathtub walls, now everything you need is all in one place!

simple human shower caddy, shower caddy, caddy, organized bathroom

A cute trinket dish adds a little feminine touch and creates a nice nesting spot for hair ties and jewelry.

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We are no interior decoraters, but these are so much better than having a box of tissues sitting out … don't you think?!

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Last but not least, some glass canisters will ensure a pretty storage for q-tips, cotton balls, soap or anything else that you use on a daily basis in your bathroom!

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Happy Tip Tuesday! We hope these ideas make for a cleaner more efficient bathroom experience. 


the NEAT girls


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