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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What is more intriguing than an organized closet?! Not much. BUT the real story really begins with the lastest fashions that are selected to live in that closet. Today we are admiring Founder of We The Classy, Venessa Kaufman. She is a model, mother of two and is passionate about (and amazing at!) curating the latest in fashion & style content.

We the classy, vanessa kaufman, fashion blogger

NM :: We so admire the fun things you are up to at We The Classy. Can you give our readers a brief overview of how you got your start and what excites you the most about bringing the latest fashion and styling trends to your admirers?

Vanessa :: My whole life I've been involved in the fashion industry and it's something that really gets my heart pumping. Fashion is not just clothing, it's a non-verbal form of communication that speaks volumes. After reading a few articles about the blogging world, I decided it was the perfect outlet for my passions. Most importantly, I started with baby steps. I truly think it's important to execute goals with small steps vs. overwhelming yourself with instantly trying to attain a final result. I've always known I've loved the fashion industry and being a part of it, but I never really was sure how to apply my passion to a business until I became more familiar with blogging. Social media and the internet have given me a voice and a means to share what I Iove most: mixing fashion, kindness, and family.

We the classy, vanessa kaufman, fashion blogger

NM :: What a great message! Seeing that you have a pulse on the latest fashion trends. What is one (or a few if you can't decide) piece or look that you are currently loving?

Vanessa :: There are a few pieces I'm very into right now and feel are great for the upcoming spring and summer months: a great pair of espadrilles, feminine jumpsuits, slightly structured off the shoulder tops, and simple chokers.

We the classy, vanessa kaufman, fashion blogger

NM :: The only thing we love more than learning about the latest fashion trends is seeing them NEATly organized in a well-appointed closet. What do you feel is the best kept secret to an organized closet?

Vanessa :: My life changed when I organized my closet in rainbow order. It seriously made finding what I was looking for so much easier! Also, Mika of Neat Method Scottsdale taught me how to put my flats in a pretty box like files so that they take up less space and are easy to see.

We the classy, vanessa kaufman, fashion blogger

NM :: Is there any other NEAT news or tips that you would like to share with our readers about We The Classy?

Vanessa :: I know there's a lot of others out there that share my passions for beautiful styling and cutting edge fashion, and I think it's super important to have a closet that gives you the foundation to build your perfect wardrobe. Getting everything organized was one of the most important tasks for me as I started working with and representing more labels on We The Classy, and I'm grateful Mika was able to help me create that foundation.

2016 holds a lot of fun for We The Classy as I will be partnering with non-profits such as GirlTalkLA to bring awareness to bullying. Also, I'm super excited to share with my readers some great pieces from national and international labels. I always keep things light hearted and am excited for the adventures ahead.

We the classy, vanessa kaufman, fashion blogger, color coding, closet organizing

Vanessa, you are beautiful inside and out! Thank you for sharing your success story with us. We will continue to follow you and cheer you on in everything you do. 

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