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Thursday, July 31, 2014

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We know what you're thinking – "But are the NEAT girls really just like us" ???

Lets find out! Can you match the interesting fact to each NEAT girl?

1. Can't get enough of her man Howard Stern and listens to him on the radio EVERY SINGLE morning!

2. Was born with a hole in her heart and her umbilical cord in a perfect knot.

3. Was an extra in The Sopranos and Dawson's Creek multiple times! Pacey Witter forever.

4. Was a University of Kansas Crimson Girl (aka lots of dancing, pom pom twirling, and an interesting choice in shoes)

5. Is obsessed (we mean, obsessed) with The Cosby Show.

6. Is best buds with Olivia Munn and vacations with her frequently!

7. Had an imaginary friend as a kid and her name was Baby-Baba-Rooney (besties called her Babe)

8. Can speak Japanese fluently. 

9. Has been, and always will be, afraid of anything in a costume.



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And here are your answers…

1. NEAT DC's Cath Zinn + Howard Stern. Forever.

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2. NEAT Chicago's Hez was the little miracle baby born with a hole in her heart and umbilical cord in a perfect knot. Lucky for Mom & Dad, neither were a severe problem!

3. NEAT San Diego's Katie B moonlights as a Movie STAR!

4. NEAT Twin Cities Lo knows how to shake her pom pom…

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5. NEAT San Francisco's MollStar wishes she was BFFs with the Huxtable Family!

6. NEAT Chicago's Brooke is very best friends with everyone's favorite, Olivia Munn!

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7. NEAT Chicago's Ashley grew up hanging out with Babe!

8. NEAT Scottsdale's Mika is our smart bilingual one!

9. NEAT Miami's Marissa HATES a good costume…

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Sooo apparently the NEAT girls may just be in a league of their own on some of these. At least some of these hidden facts make for an interesting day! 


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