Tip Tuesday :: How's this for Bro Code??

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear NEAT Method,

I guess you can say I like cooking, I just never know what to make with what I have? I basically end up letting everything go to waste! I wish I were more organized in the kitchen so I can impress my girlfriend. Can you help a lax bro out? 

– Nash


Dear Nash,

First and foremost, we love lax bros – so naturally we are inclined to want to help you! Does your fridge happen to look something like this?

refrigerator, bugs, homemaker

BUT you wish it looked more like this?

organized refrigerator, organize, kitchen

The NEAT Method girls are happy to help you!!

Meet the NEATest things since sliced bread :: The Tastebud App. This little app finds you "girlfriend impressed" recipes based on the ingredients you already have in your kitchen! Genius!

Tastebud, iphone, app, organized, food

Hope dinner is a success tonight! And if so, your wonderful girlfriend can always thank us at tips@neatmethod.com! 🙂


the NEAT girls